Being Gaia

Earth in My throat, Universe, a crown of stars, Hands of pink-purple glitter dust, Blowing lips from Heart, Breath comes, I alone with God, Creating Life together, Green elixir, Warmth & comfort, Rouses energy within, Drop jaw, Drop judgement, Melt, Be the ground beneath, Surround Me.

It is You

You have found my Soul, My Heart, Found by the way of Love, To deep, to far, to nowhere else, Be with me every step. I thought I lost You, Never left, You were within my realm, Though cluttered, burried, and petrified, My Heart, You found me still. By Way, of words, In Light, of [...]

Breath of Love

Love held its breath for me Showed me mercy When I had none to give Protected me through My own turbulence Gave me warmth With a frozen heart Why do we request Such toughness from Love? When all it gives is just & kind All that is harsh, rash and chaotic Is no Love of [...]